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School/Organizational Library Card Application

  1. Type the name of your organization, school, or classroom here. 

  2. Type the main street address of your organization here. 

  3. Type in your organization's main phone number here. Example: 123-456-7890 Your phone number can be used to notify you if we have any questions about your account.

  4. Type the main email address for contacting your organization here. This email address can be used to notify you when Hold items are available.

  5. Please type the name of the primary card user here. 

  6. Please type the title of that person here. 

  7. ###-###-####

  8. Please type the name of a secondary contact for your organization here. 

  9. Please type the title of that person here. 

  10. ###-###-####

  11. These people will be able to use a school or photo ID at the front desk of the library to check out materials. 

  12. Preferred Method of Hold Notification*
    Choose one of the above as the main way to contact you when your Hold items are available.
  13. Pre-Overdue Notices (Optional)

    If you would like to receive an email notice 2 days in advance of your due date, check the box above. These can only be received if you choose EMAIL as your hold notification.

  14. Please attach a letter on your organization’s letterhead, signed by the head of your organization. Please include the following:

    • Name and contact information for the director of your organization and their signature
    • The number of library cards you are requesting
    • An identifier we can put on each card (e.g. Room #, Toddler Room)
    • The name of each staff person authorized to use each library card

    The Primary User AND the Head of the Organization must read and click the digital signature box to indicate that you understand the following: 

    • We will be responsible for all materials checked out on this card, including materials checked out by others with or without our consent, unless we have previously reported the loss of this card. 
    • We will report a lost or stolen card, or any change of information (name, address, phone, email) immediately. 
    • We will comply with all library rules and policies. 
    • We understand that there will be charges for lost, damaged, missing parts, stolen materials.
    • We understand that the library provides access to a broad range of materials and that it is our responsibility to judge for ourselves and for our students/participants what resources are appropriate for our use.
  16. Please type full name.

  17. Please type full name. 

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