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Three Meadows Park


  1. Playground
Three Meadows Park, one of the city’s newest parks, is located Monona’s easternmost neighborhood, called Oak Park. The park is divided into two separate neighborhood areas, the east and west, each serving a different purpose. The parks are divided by a small wetland. A trail was constructed in 2000 to connect the parks through the wetland, with a bridge.

The East Meadow area provides a play space for neighborhood families. Access is off of Copps Avenue, with parking available on the street. A gravel path leads from the road to the play area, which is surrounded on two sides by woods and by houses on one side. Playground equipment was installed in 1999.

The West Meadow area provides a passive park setting for the neighborhood. The park is a grassy triangle, bordered by the street, neighborhood homes and a wetland. A gravel path leads from the street to a gazebo and picnic area.