What do I do if my sewer backs up?
If sewer wastewater is backing up into your home, it may mean the city main is blocked due to significant rainfall or a power failure affecting the pumping stations. If you experience a backflow:
  • Call City Hall immediately to inform them of the problem. If City Hall is closed, call the Monona Police Dispatch line at 608-222-0463.
  • Keep people and pets away from the affected area(s).
  • Do not attempt to clean it yourself.
  • Turn off central heat and air-conditioning systems and prevent flow from reaching floor vents by using towels or blankets as a berm. You can also remove the vent cover and stuff a towel in the opening to help prevent the flow from entering.
  • Call an experienced restoration company for cleanup and removal of affected surfaces.
  • Leave items in the affected area for the experts to handle.
  • Report a claim to your homeowner's insurance carrier.
  • If you had recent plumbing work, contact your plumber or contractor.
Consider installing a backflow prevention device or BPD. A BPD is a fixture put on a sewer line, and sometimes a drain line, in the basement of your home or building foundation to prevent sewer backflows. A properly installed backflow preventer works on a one-way system; sewage can go out, but not back in. Many backup prevention devices can be installed by the homeowner or a plumber.

Residents can also help to prevent backflows by curbing water usage during heaving rainfall or storms (don’t run dishwashers, washing machines, flush toilets or take showers.

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