I’m concerned about safety. What training, safety protocols and records do Madison Metro and Monona Express and Lift (First Student) have in place?

All bus drivers in Wisconsin must have a commercial drivers license (CDL) and pass strict licensing requirements to ensure the safety of their driving. 

Madison Metro has a very detailed professional safety plan with three full-time, in-house transportation safety professionals overseeing their operations. The safety plan sets measurable targets which are compared to actual results every year (or more frequently as needed). Their safety record is very good. There were three injuries in regular service in 2021 and ten over the past three years, none which entailed pedestrians injured due to driver error. There were zero Paratransit injuries in 2021.  

First Student also has a very good safety record, the City wouldn’t have contracted with them if they didn’t.  The Commission has requested more details about their safety protocols and oversight and will report on them as soon as they are provided.       

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1. Why is the Transit Commission recommending a move to Madison Metro and what process will it follow?
2. First Student (Monona’s current Express and Lift provider) or Madison Metro can’t be the only bus options. Aren’t there other bus companies who could offer service?
3. Can Monona just expand the service hours of Monona Express or Lift to serve those who need transport at different times or on weekends?
4. Can Madison Metro just add stops on Broadway and Monona Drive and not offer service through Monona’s neighborhoods?
5. Can Monona do a mix including what it has now? Run Express through Monona neighborhoods, run the Lift, and connect up to Madison Metro at various places? Even use Paratransit too?
6. Can Madison Metro use a smaller bus to serve our residential neighborhoods?
7. Can Madison Metro use electric buses in Monona instead of diesel buses?
8. Is Monona going to be locked into a long-term contract with Madison Metro or with our current provider - First Student - dependent on the decision Monona makes now?
9. I’m concerned about safety. What training, safety protocols and records do Madison Metro and Monona Express and Lift (First Student) have in place?
10. Schedules can change or buses can be delayed. Under the current and proposed services, can I track the bus I need in real time?
11. Under the current and proposed services, can I use a credit card to buy a pass or a ticket?
12. How much do each of the bus services cost for adults, seniors and students?
13. Does Monona Express, Lift or Madison Metro have a bus Pass Program for UW or other employers?
14. I understand that Monona used to have Madison Metro servicing its transit needs, including stops in the neighborhoods. Why did the City switch to offering our own?
15. What is the current route of the Monona Express?
16. What routes are being proposed by Madison Metro to serve all or part of Monona?
17. Will it take longer to get downtown or to campus on Madison Metro than it does on Monona Express?
18. How many transfers will be required by Monona Express or Madison Metro to get to some key spots around town?
19. What is the current route, process for scheduling, and availability for Monona Lift?
20. What is the process for scheduling rides on Madison Paratransit?
21. I’ve heard that it is hard to get approved for Paratransit. How many seniors or others are denied access?
22. There is no approval process for the Monona Lift. What if I don’t have a condition that qualifies for Metro Paratransit but I still need bus service?
23. Do seniors or others have to take a physical to qualify for Madison Paratransit?
24. I depend on Monona Lift to get me around town. Where can Madison Paratransit take me?
25. What will my transit options be if we switch to Madison Metro and I just need to go to the grocery store or some other service nearby?
26. Does Madison Metro use big buses for Paratransit?