What are the addresses of shelters available for rent?

Ahuska Park Shelter – 400 East Broadway

Fireman’s Park Shelter – 4800 Winnequah Road (corner of Winnequah Rd. & Progressive Ave.)

Oneida Park Shelter – 1305 Neponset Trail (corner of Neponset Tr. & Tecumseh Ave.)

Schaefer Shelter – 1011 Nichols Road (north of the Monona Community Center)

Winnequah Dream Park Shelter – 5301 Healy Lane

Winnequah Park Gazebo – 1012 Nichols Road (across from the swimming pool)

Schluter Park Gazebo - 4511 Winnequah Road (across from Monona Bait & Ice Cream)

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1. What are the addresses of shelters available for rent?
2. What are the park hours?
3. What is the earliest date I can reserve a shelter?
4. Is there a way to find out if an event is already scheduled at a park I’m interested in?
5. Online it says there is a reservation for 10am-2pm at the park I am interested in. Can I reserve the shelter before or after?
6. Can I put a temporary hold on a shelter without payment?
7. How do I make a shelter Reservation?
8. Who should we call if there are problems?
9. Do I need a key?
10. Can we use the entire park?
11. What about the picnic tables?
12. Can we serve alcohol to our guests?
13. Can we have a charcoal grill/campfire?
14. What about Amplified Sound in the parks?
15. What about a Temporary Structure?
16. What do I do with my garbage?
17. Where should we park?
18. If I rent one of the kitchens what do I need to clean before leaving?
19. Are there any restrictions on decorating the shelter for my event?