Can I bring food/drinks into the facility?

Yes, you can bring food into the facility. There is absolutely no alcohol anywhere inside the pool area. No glass containers on the pool grounds.

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1. Do I have to be an City of Monona resident to rent the Outdoor Pool?
2. What qualifies me as an City of Monona resident?
3. How far in advance do I have to book?
4. If I make an advance reservation and have to change, cancel or adjust my reservation what
5. Is there a penalty if we cancel or don’t show?
6. I am a Season Pass Member do I still pay the Rental Rate?
7. What should I base the number of people on?
8. What if I have more people in my Rental than I did when I made my reservation?
9. Can I bring food/drinks into the facility?
10. Do you have space to store our party’s food?
11. Where and when will we eat?
12. Can we add decorations to the area?
13. Can we remove the tables and chairs on the deck?
14. Are alcoholic beverages or smoking allowed at your facility?
15. What forms of payment do you accept?
16. Who should the check be made payable to?
17. When do I make payment?
18. What if my maximum number increases?
19. My check is made out for more than the number of people in attendance. Do I get a refund?
20. Can Private Rentals come at any time?
21. Will lifeguards be on duty?
22. What do we do when we arrive?
23. What do I have access to in the facility?
24. Who is responsible for cleaning after my rental?
25. What happens to my reservation if there is inclement weather?