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98.7FM WVMO - The Voice of Monona is the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association 2022 Station of the Year!

WVMO Team at Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Gala

COMMUNITY OWNED : The goal of the station is to give Monona and other neighboring community members a place to share stories and interests while giving the City a way to reach its residents. WVMO has become the "coolest little station in the nation" with a broad local listener base as well as a large online following.

LOCALLY PROGRAMMED : WVMO's mission is to be the 24-hour Voice of Monona. The station provides broadcast space for diverse, creative, hyper-locally focused programming. Community members host shows, playing everything from jazz to progressive rock, complemented by a base of Americana music curated and scheduled in Monona.

VOLUNTEER DRIVEN : Why do we volunteer? Because we love radio and our community! The City of Monona's Director of Community Media is the only paid member of the WVMO team.

HISTORY OF WVMOThe City of Monona worked to apply for and create a low-power FM radio station beginning in 2007. With the help of top notch equipment maintained by top notch volunteers, we went on air for the first time in August of 2015

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How Did "The Voice of Monona" Get Its Name?

A call letter contest to name our new low-power FM radio station was held, and the winning entry -- WVMO -- "The Voice of Monona" -- was submitted by Monona resident Mark Buffat.  Buffat's entry was chosen over more than 100 entries.  Congratulations, Mark, and a big thanks to all those who submitted contest entries!

Get Involved with WVMO: 

WVMO is powered by volunteers, so we're going to need help from people with all types of interests. Become a WVMO Team member, we want to hear from you!  Call or email the Community Media Director today! 

Community Media Director                 WVMO Station Information

Will Nimmow                                                        5211 Schluter Road, Monona WI 

5211 Schluter Road, Monona WI                      Email          `