Computers, TVs, Household Electronics

Wisconsin law prohibits the dumping of computers, TVs, and electronic items in landfills.  These items must be recycled. 

The Dane County Clean Sweep Program accepts household electronics for a small fee from Dane County households.  Electronic materials will be responsibly handled in an environmentally safe and secure manner, using the best data wiping software available. Electronic materials accepted at Dane County Clean Sweep include: Monitors, laptops, servers, TV’s, printers, computers, printer/fax/scanners, DVD players, stereo equipment, VCR’s, video game consoles, computer peripherals, mice/keyboards, PDA/cell phones, all computer parts, MP3/IPods/etc., telephones, UPS batteries, copiers, typewriters, cash registers, networking equipment, and cable boxes. Also accepting radios, digital clocks, digital cameras, and remotes. ALL BATTERIES MUST BE REMOVED FROM ELECTRONIC ITEMS. The listing of the types of electronic materials accepted at Dane County Clean Sweep is subject to change.

For other options for recycling items, including some free options, visit the Dane County website at

For more information on battery disposal, refer to this handout:

Dane County Clean Sweep Fact Sheet
Clean Sweep