Property Maintenance Code Enforcement

Code enforcement governing property maintenance is performed by the code enforcement officer.  The purpose of code enforcement is to ensure that property owners are maintaining their properties to comply with minimum standards as set forth in Chapter 342 of the Monona Code of Ordinances. The failure to maintain property directly impacts property values of adjacent properties and the aesthetic value of the community. In the worst cases, failure to maintain property can create unsanitary and unsafe conditions and attract criminal activities. Examples of standards enforced include the parking and storage of vehicles, noxious weeds and lawn maintenance, accumulation of brush, yard waste or debris, and garbage or junk at the curb. 

Brush at the Curb

The City offers free residential brush collection four times per year.  The brush collection schedule for the year is posted on this site, and communicated in the City's e-newsletter. In an effort to keep brush out of the City right-of-way during non-collection times, residents are asked not to place brush at the curb more than 14 days prior to their scheduled collection. Please store brush in a side yard or back yard during non-collection periods. 
Trash or Junk at the Curb
The City contracts with Advanced Disposal for trash collection once per week. All trash must be placed in your city-owned grey trash carts.  Trash which is not in the trash cart will not be collected, and it cannot be left at the curb. Residents who have large amounts of trash or large items which do not fit in the trash cart must dispose of it on their own or call Advanced Disposal at (608) 251-7878 for a special pick up on the last Friday of each month. Items which are scheduled for a special pickup should not be placed at the curb more than a few days prior to the last Friday of the month. The Dane County Landfill also accepts many types of large items. In addition, the Dane County Clean Sweep Program (located at the Dane County Landfill) accepts many types of electronics, TVs, computers, household hazardous chemicals and paints.