Right-of-Way Permits

A permit is required for any work (excavation, repair, or maintenance) within a City of Monona public right-of-way.  This includes curb and gutter, driveway aprons, sidewalks, and streets.  A permit application must be made at least 2 business days prior to the start of the work.  In addition, a signed and notarized affidavit of compliance is required for all contractors and subcontractors performing work under the permit. A permit fee is due upon issuance of the permit. 

Right of Way Permit Fees
Driveways$40 per driveway opening
Staff review and inspection for single-parcel application (projects not related to utility boring, trenching, undergrounding, etc.)
Staff review and inspection for utility trenching, plowing, boring
$80 plus $0.80 per linear foot
Asphalt and concrete core hole
$100 each
Bore in soil
$20 each
Construction and placement of vault 
or other structure
$115 each
Failure to obtain a permit or completion of 
non-authorized work
Penalty plus double fees

A Diggers Hotline locate request with premarking is required before starting any work in a City of Monona right-of-way.  Diggers Hotline requests require a 3-day notice for fulfillment, so please plan your work accordingly.
All work must be completed within 60 days of the issuance of the permit. Upon completion of the work, a request for final inspection must be submitted to the Department of Public Works.  The permit will be closed after the work is inspected and receives final approval by the Department.

Right-of Way-Permit Application
Affidavit of Compliance for Right-of-Way Permits
Right-of-Way Permit Conditions & Provisions
Right-of-Way Permit Final Inspection Request
Driveway Opening Standards (right of way permit needed)
Sidewalk Standards

City of Monona Code of Ordinances Ch. 395-2 Excavations in Streets

Road Patching Requirements
Excavator's Guide to Digger's Hotline