Right-of-Way Permit Conditions & Provisions

  1. The owner or representatives shall notify the Public Works Department a minimum of 2 business days prior to beginning any work within the public right-of-way.
    • Sean Aide – (608) 216-7481: for permit approval, coordination, questions, final inspection, lane closure request, traffic control plan approval
    • Mike Trotter – (608) 216-7437: for water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer connection viewing 
  2. The CONTRACTOR shall notify all residents who will have work in their terrace with a door hanger or letter explaining what work will be done a minimum of 48 hours prior to beginning work.
  3. Permit expires 60 days after issuance.  Permit renewal is required past 60 days, and a new permit fee will apply.  Final Inspection Certificate needs to be submitted prior to permit closing date.
  4. All street openings and/or materials stored in the street shall be enclosed with barriers, and approved flashers for night use, and all necessary precautions shall be taken to prevent accidents.
  5. To indemnify and hold harmless the City of Monona, its employees and its agents, from any cost, claim, suit, liability and/or award which might come, be brought, or be assessed, because of the issuance or exercise of this permit, or because of any adverse effect upon any person or property which is attributed to the partially or entirely completed works of the Applicant.  Accomplishment of the permitted work or any part thereof, by or on behalf of the Applicant shall bind such Applicant to abide by this permit and all its conditions and provisions.
  6. Curb should be protected by a 4x4 wood stock when mounting the curb and gutter.  Gravel, stone, or soil curb ramping is prohibited. No material can be stored or dumped in the right-of-way without approval.
  7. Excavation or work or material storage within the City right-of-way prior to the issuance of this permit will result in the doubling of permit fees. Materials can only be stored in the terrace area of the right-of-way.
  8. All open terrace trenches shall be filled with compacted granular material in 12” lifts, maximum.  Top 6” shall be compacted topsoil.
  9. Newly seeded areas shall be finished with an erosion control blanket.  No loose straw will be allowed.
  10. Clearance requirements for design of utility installations:

    Sanitary Sewer
    (mains, laterals, and  structures)
    3 feet
    2 feet
    Storm Sewer
    (mains, laterals, and  structures)
    3 feet
    2 feet
    Traffic Engineering
    (conduit and  structures)
    3 feet
    2 feet
    Water Utility
    (mains, valves, services, and  hydrants)
    3 feet
    2 feet
  11. All open cut pavement shall be properly saw cut, and all trenches shall be backfilled with 1 inch clear stone to within 16” from the top, 12” of ¾” gravel with fines and compacted, and 4” of asphalt.
  12. Pavement patches shall be 2 ½” binder course and 1 ½” asphaltic surface course.  Cold mix (temporary) shall be replaced by June 1st.
  13. All open trenches, if not paved, shall be steel plated at the end of each work day.
  14. The contractor is responsible for all necessary signs, flagmen, and lights required according to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.  
  15. No road closing will be permitted without the permission of the Director of Public Works.  Detour routes are to be approved by the department before permission is granted.  All barricades and detour signs shall be furnished and maintained by the Applicant.
  16. Any trenching, tunneling, or excavating shall be performed in accordance with requirements of OSHA and the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services, and any applicable local regulations.
  17. The Applicant shall guarantee the asphalt, backfilling and compaction for two (2) years.  If settlement or failure occurs, repairs shall be made at the Applicant’s expense.
  18. Right-of-way surfaces shall be cleaned before the end of each day’s work.
  19. Contractors will be held responsible for any damage done to City streets as a result of their work within the City right of way.  Repairs to damaged streets will be at the Contractor’s expense.
  20. No excavation in streets, alleys or other public ways when ground is frozen.  
  21. For events using public streets:  any lines or markings on city streets must be made with sidewalk chalk; paint is not allowed. Stakes may not be driven into streets or sidewalks. Portable toilets, cones, and temporary signs may be placed in the right of way during event. The City of Monona does not supply barricades for private events.
  22. Final inspection is required within 60 days – all permits must have final inspection once all work is completed. 
  23. Road Patching Requirements.  Roads must be patched per City of Monona requirements. View here.