Monona Sustainability Plan


The City's adoption of the Sustainability Resolution in March 2012 was the start of establishing sustainability principles as the norm in city planning, policies, and procedures. The Monona Sustainability Plan (MSP) was developed based on the principles in the resolution. The MSP contains guiding visions, measurable objectives, and targeted strategies (plans of action) intended to help the city practically implement ideas for operating more efficiently and sustainably.

The MSP is based on input from city committees, staff, residents, nonprofit organizations, and businesses and encompasses all aspects of city operations. Strategies will be taken on by stakeholders or groups of stakeholders, with progress monitored by the Sustainability Committee. 

The 2014 MSP contains six major sections. The first addresses general sustainability and is followed by five focus areas that correspond to those identified in the Green Tier Legacy Communities Charter. The six major sections are:

  • General Sustainability
  • Land Use
  • Water
  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Solid Waste
Thank you to Madison Environmental Group for your tireless guidance throughout this process.

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