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Friday, March 8th at 10:00 a.m.

Affections and Absolutism:  The Emotional Politics of the Sun King's Early Reign"

Jim Coons is an Assistant Professor of History at UW-Whitewater.  He completed his doctorate at UW-Madison in 2014.  His research focuses on the Political culture of Louis XIV's early reign.  He looks especially at debates over the "Grand" Prince of Conde during the rebellion of the Fronde (1648 - 53), and their conceptions of nobility, manhood and emotions in motivating political action and allegiance during France's tumultuous 1640's and 50's.  

Talk Summary

In 1648, a rebellion known as the Fronde erupted across France.  While it was defeated, it shaped the "Sun King" Louis XIV's reign in ways historians are still uncovering.  This talk will examine the emotional language and logics that rebels forged in the Fronde, as well as the King's use of defeated rebels' own rhetorical weapons to reinforce the nascent absolutist monarchy.  In doing so, we will explore both the central role of feelings in constructing Europe's most powerful monarchy, and the popular roots of the ideas that helped to empower the Sun King. 

Thank you to the Friends of the Monona Senior Center and The Evjue Foundation, Inc., the charitable arm of The Capital Times for their support of this program.

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