Scholarly Scoop at Monona Senior Center 



We Can Get ‘Em but We Can’t Keep ‘Em: BIPOC Faculty Retention at Rural PWIs

 Friday, March 8th at 9:30 a.m.

Recruitment and retention are typically student centered and student focused.  An often-overlooked component of the student experience is staff and faculty representation and support.  This research project focuses on the experiences of faculty with a variety of different identities to understand why retainment at rural Predominantly White Institutions (PWIs) is decreasing and how to improve methods of recruitment and retention.  The current study utilizes already existing knowledge about faculty retention; the role race, gender, sexuality, and ability status play in tenure track and tenure achievement; and the gaps that exist.  

Montana Petersen is a Senior, McNair Scholar majoring in Sociology with a minor in race and ethnic studies.  Her future plans are to incorporate testimonies from faculty with marginalized identities to giver personal insight.

She is currently focused on: Moving beyond the Black/white binary, BIPOC and LGBTQ voices, and Disability justice and faculty retention.  Utilizing the perspectives of multiple marginalized identities will highlight nuances in each category as well as show how these identities can impact each other in the sphere of higher education. 

Thank you to Nazareth Health and Rehab Center for the refreshments, the Friends of the Monona Senior Center, 98.7 WVMO The Voice of Monona and  UW-Whitewater for their support of this program.  

This event if FREE and open to the public!  

Call 608-222-3415 if interested attending.

Monona Senior Center
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Free and Open to the Public