Stormwater Utility

Stormwater and Erosion Control Management 

In 2014, the City of Monona obtained a grant from the State of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to develop a Stormwater Management Plan. This high level planning document will be used to help guide decision makers in selecting the best stormwater management solutions to improve water quality and meet the goals of the City's MS4 permit.  View the plan.

In 2022 the City updated its Erosion Control and Stormwater Management Ordinance to meet the same standards set in the updated Dane County ordinance.  These standards now include regulations for managing larger rain events and illicit discharges.  With these changes came revisions to Monona's Erosion Control and Stormwater Management Permit Application

Erosion Control, Stormwater, and Illicit Discharge Prevention Ordinance

Stormwater Utility Application

This application should be filled and sent in to the City of Monona Public Works Project Manager for any project that is changing the square footage or footprint for impervious surfaces on a property in the City of Monona.  This form assists City staff in keeping up to date records for the purpose of assigning stormwater fees to properties.

Stormwater Utility Application Form

City of Monona's Municipal Separate Stormwater Sewer System Permit (MS4)

The Federal Clean Water Act requires certain communities with stormwater systems that discharge to a lake or stream to obtain a permit for the discharge.   Information on the requirements for an MS4 permit can be found at

View the City of Monona's current WPDES MS4 Permit for MAMSWAP members, approved 7/1/2019.  Permit is effective through 2024.
Here is a factsheet on the permit changes.