Emerald Ash Borer Information

As you may already know, the emerald ash borer (EAB) has previously been detected in communities that surround Monona, and until recently, EAB was not officially detected in Monona.  On June 8, 2017 we received notification from the Wisconsin DNR that EAB was found in Monona near Broadway Avenue and Copps Avenue.  

The City is responsible for nearly 1,000 ash trees on our street terraces and medians and in our parks. Because of the unknown future costs to chemically treat a single tree, and the fact that taxpayer dollars must be used to address the issue, the City has chosen to remove street, terrace, or park ash trees once the trees shows signs of poor health, dead wood, and other structural defects. The City will continue with this process moving forward.   As long as there is available space, the City has every intention to replace each street or terrace ash tree that is cut down.  Money is set aside each year in the capital budget for replanting street and terrace trees.
Residents are responsible for trees on their property. The links above right on this page provide information which may help you decide how to proceed with ash trees on your property. If you are a homeowner and would like to have a City-owned street or terrace tree in front of your home chemically treated, you may do so at your expense. However, you must contact the Director of Public Works to inform him who is completing the treatment, the dates of treatment, and the chemical being used so the City can inventory the tree and follow the private treatment. Even if it’s being chemically treated, a street or terrace tree which is dead or showing signs of stress will be removed by the City. Residents can contact Public Works Director Dan Stephany at (608) 222-2525.

Street Tree Ash Removals - 2020 Project

Monona’s ash trees have made a turn for the worse.  To assist the process of removals the City was awarded an urban forestry grant from the WDNR.  As part of this process the City’s Public Works Department is planning to remove up to around 100 ash trees from City right-of-way and many more from City parks.  

Remove, Replace, Repurpose

As Monona’s Public Works Department removes ash trees along city streets they will be replacing them with a variety of WDNR approved trees prioritizing quality locations to avoid utility line conflicts.  The City is also providing the mulched wood chips from tree removals for free to the public.  These piles are located at Ahuska Park on E. Broadway Ave.  The City is also planning on milling millable logs to donate to the school district or to reuse on municipal projects.  

For more information on EAB and the City’s street tree inventory, see the documents and links in the column to the right -->

Private Ash Tree Management

If you have dead or decaying ash trees it may be too late for treatment.  Dead ash trees can be dangerous if not removed.  The City recommends prompt removal of any dead ash tree on your property.  THIS IS NOT A DYI JOB!  Find a certified arborist to assist with your removals.  See this list of certified arborists.