Snow & Ice Removal

The City of Monona maintains snow removal services on 68 lane miles of city streets, and the Dane County Highway Department maintains 8 lane miles of county roads through the city, including Monona Drive (County Hwy. BB) and Broadway (County Hwy. BW). The Public Works Director, Street Operations Supervisor, and Monona Police are responsible for monitoring the weather during the winter snow plowing season.


The city uses a salt brine solution, salt, and sand/salt mix for maintaining city streets. As a rule, rock salt will not be applied on the main runs of the street to remove snow from the streets; snow removal will be completed through plowing. Pre-spray of salt brine solution will occur on hills, bridges, curves and streets based on the forecasted snow event. Salt or sand/salt will be applied to main runs of the streets as needed or as dictated by street conditions.

Applying salt to roads with blowing snow and cold temperatures will cause drifting snow to stick to the pavement. Crews will avoid applying salt in these situations so the dry snow will continue to blow off the cold road surface. When road temperatures are above 15 degrees F, salt can be used for ice covered roads. When temperatures fall below 15 degrees F, salt application will be minimal throughout the city, as salt loses its effectiveness for melting ice at approximately 15 degrees F.

Be Salt Wise!

Check out the Wisconsin Salt Wise website for more information about reducing salt use and chloride pollution of our local waterways -

To view Monona's complete Snow and Ice Removal Policy, click here.