Facilities Committee

Mission Statement, Vision & Goals

To provide the City of Monona with project oversight from inception to completion. To provide support to the City Committees and City Departments involved in Facility related projects.

Use design and construction experience to ensure that the design construction documents and the facility construction meet the highest quality for a reasonable cost within a reasonable timeframe.

Follow projects from pre-design through schematic design, construction document preparation, bidding, construction, project closeout and the 1-year warranty inspection.

Review projects for energy efficiency standards and maintenance cost control. 

Review the design in process to ensure that program requirements are being met, budget is being maintained and constructability issues are identified and resolved. Provide regular detailed reports on projects status to committees and departments.

Committee Charge

  • Review Capital Improvements Budget
  • Determine what projects could best be combined to achieve optimum cost savings (same year)
  • Preventative Maintenance Records
  • Record documents from all projects (as-builts/warranties/guarantees)
  • Past Project –directory
  • Hold consultants accountable
  • Participate in the drafting and review of RFP’s
  • Bid Opening Procedures
  • Review construction contract administration – staff not totally familiar with projects
  • City attorney contract review? Contract written by consultant, contractor, or city) City has used an independent contractor’s agreement which leans more toward public works projects. Institute usage of a new contract for building projects.

City Facilities

  • City Hall – Administration, Police Department, Fire Department
  • Library –
    • Upper Level: Library
    • Lower Level: Media Room / Forum Room
  • Community Center-
    • Upper Level: Meeting room and main community room, lobby offices
    • Lower Level: Senior Center, Computer Center, Offices
  • Pool Building - Swimming pool, utility building, lockers,
  • Public Works Facility – Buildings and yard
  • Parks – Shelters, Bathroom buildings, Concession Buildings, Parking Area