Bike Patrol

Bike Patrol Unit

The Monona Police Department has several officers assigned to bike patrol functions. The officers ride at different times throughout the day and night as well as being present for special events. Bike officers perform the same basic functions as do officers in squad cars however, bike officers have the advantage of being able to approach an area without being heard or seen as readily. Bike officers also patrol Winnequah Road, which is part of the lake loop bike trail. Officers focus on enforcement of traffic laws related to bike riders. This function will become more important as more and more bikers use the roadways.

Patrol sergeants track crime and activity trends and assign bike officers accordingly. Officers then patrol those areas with a focus on interrupting and preventing crime. They receive back up from fellow officers operating squad cars. Persons arrested by bike officers are transported to jail in marked squad cars. If you would like to request bike officers to patrol your neighborhood please contact Lt Curt Wiegel
Bike patrol officers from all over Wisconsin came to Monona in the summer of 2002 to train for their duties in their communities.

Bike Safety

The Police and Parks & Recreation Departments work with local schools to teach bicycle safety each year.  For more information about the annual Bike Rodeo please contact Community Relations Officer Nate Reynolds.

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