Community Policing

The Monona Police Department strives to be a community oriented Police Department. Officers will still respond to assist citizens with minor issues when we can. This last fall an officer was dispatched to help a citizen remove a bat from her house. Naturally these calls do not take precedent over crime in progress calls; but we still pride ourselves on having a small town response to the needs of the citizens of Monona.

Officers are working diligently to deal with patterns of crimes and problems in a way that produces more permanent results. Citizen input has been one of the key factors to our ability to deal with criminal problems and to solve cases. The citizens of Monona truly are the eyes and ears of the Police Department.

Community Policing What is it Really?

People often wonder what is community policing? Why are communities and police agencies moving towards this philosophy? Philosophy did you say? Yes, philosophy.

Community policing is not a program, it’s a philosophy.  Its also an organizational strategy that promotes community and police partnerships to solve the problems of crime, fear of crime, physical and social disorder and even neighborhood decay.  The overall goal is impact the quality of life in a positive way.

The philosophy rests on the belief that people deserve input into the police process, in exchange for their participation and their support. With the community and the police working together in a partnership it is much easier to come up with positive solutions for long existing problems such as graffiti, drugs, speeding, and other social problems that plague communities.

Making an Impact in the Community Together

Community Policing’s foundation is based on two important facts:
  • Partnerships
  • Problem solving
Together, police and the communities they serve can have a huge impact on the quality of life that all communities so much desire.

For additional information on community policing, visit the BESAFE website.