Message from Monona PD Team

We want to welcome everyone to the Monona Police Department web page.  The men and women of our department work very hard at fulfilling their responsibilities, and providing quality, professional police services to the citizens of Monona.

Our department’s top priority is to meet the needs of our citizens and is very proud of the many relationships we have formed within our community. Many of the programs that we currently have in place involve partnerships with different organizations throughout the city such as the business community, the schools, and various other entities throughout the city and county. We are all committed to providing a safe, quality place for people to live, work, or visit.

Our website is a wealth of information for you to use, and to learn more about your Police Department. We encourage you to take a tour of the website and see many other examples of programs that we have in place to enhance the quality of life in Monona.

Staff of the Monona Police Department