About Us

The mission of the Monona Police Department is to work as a partner with the community to help provide a safe environment and a high quality of life.

Values & Ethics
A police organization is guided in its operation by laws, ordinances, procedures, rules and regulations. In addition to legal and administrative requirements, police organizations are powerfully influenced by their values and ethics, where values and ethics are beliefs that guide the organization and the behavior of its employees.

To help accomplish our mission, the Monona Police Department is committed to the following values and ethics, which guide our work and decisions:

  • Accountability - We are responsible for our conduct and performance, both to ourselves and to the community. We will establish procedures that promote ethical behavior and hold individuals accountable for their conduct.
  • Community Orientation and Involvement - We will strive to always do what is in the best interest of the community, being responsive to its needs. We believe in serving the public interest, beyond serving ourselves.
  • Democratic Principles - We will protect the constitutional rights and personal freedoms of all citizens. We promote constitutional principals of equality, fairness, responsiveness, and due process in protecting all citizens’ rights.
  • Integrity - We believe that honesty is the basis for personal and public trust. We will demonstrate the highest standards in all activities in order to inspire public confidence and trust in public service.
  • Openness and Accessibility - The department will strive to conduct affairs publicly, be accessible to the public and have open lines of communication. We recognize and support the public’s right to know the public’s business, and will assist citizens in dealing with government.
  • Organizational Efficiency - We are committed to providing police services as efficiently as possible. We will wisely manage public funds practicing fiscal common sense, conserving those funds, which support police functions.
  • Problem Solving - We are most effective when we help identify and solve community problems, working together to solve problems of mutual concern.
  • Sensitivity - We will strive to be sensitive and fair in all of our actions, unselfishly practicing compassion, tolerance, empathy and caring for victims, complainants, employees and all other persons that we come in contact with. We oppose all forms of discrimination and harassment.
  • Teamwork - We recognize the importance of each employee as an individual and team member. We believe that good internal communications is a priority. We will subordinate personal loyalties to the good of the department and will subordinate department loyalties to the public good.
  • Work Ethic - In order for us to fulfill our mission, we recognize that we have a strong sense of discipline, duty and obligation toward our work. We accept as a personal duty the responsibility to keep informed on emerging issues and maintain our performance within current legal training standards.