Your Rights & Responsibilities

You are in arraignment court today, and the primary purpose of this session is for you to enter a plea to the charge. Everyone here is charged with a civil offense, not a crime. The only way you can go to jail as a result of a civil charge is to be assessed a fine that you are capable of paying, and then not paying that fine.

You have the right to have an attorney assist you, but you will have to provide your own attorney. You do not have to have an attorney.

You may request a continuance today and that request will be granted. You will be given the next available date if you need to consider your options or seek advice.

Not Guilty Plea Procedure
An assistant city attorney may be present in court. If you plead not guilty the assistant city attorney will set up a pre-trial conference with you to discuss your case. He / she may pre-try the case today or set up a later date with you. The assistant city attorney can answer questions about court procedures, but he / she cannot tell you how to plead. The assistant city attorney represents the city, not you.

Names will be called in the order in which you arrived. When your name is called, you should step forward to the bench.

If you already know that you intend to plead not guilty, you may inform the clerk of that when you check in. The court will accept your plea of not guilty and you will meet with the assistant city attorney.

Guilty Plea Procedure
If you enter a plea of guilty or no contest today, you are waiving certain rights, including the right to a trial and the right to appeal the decision of the municipal court.