About Judge Michael Finley

Monona Municipal Judge Michael Finley was appointed by the City Council in July 2015.
Judge Finley was raised on the East side of Madison, growing up on Oakridge Ave. at the top of the Olbrich Park hill.  His family moved to Middleton in 1970, where he attended middle and high school.  He remained in Middleton for a number of years while attending the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  During this time he also served a term on the Middleton City Council.  Judge Finley later graduated from the UW as well as from the University of Wisconsin Law School (cum laude in December of 1983).
Judge Finley
In 1984, Judge Finley served as a (Limited Term Employee) Assistant District Attorney in Madison, before being hired as a permanent Assistant District Attorney in the Kenosha County DA's Office.  He transferred back to the Dane County DA's Office in Madison in 1987, where he again worked as an Assistant District Attorney until his retirement in April, 2015.  During his experience in over 30 years as an Assistant District Attorney, he prosecuted all types of civil and criminal cases, from speeding charges to homicides.  Judge Finley has been a homeowner and Monona resident since 1992.