Monona Library How Teachers Can Help

We would love to have your class visit the library. Please contact the Youth Services Department at 608-216-7453 or email before your visit.

The Youth Services Department offers different types of experiences which can be adapted for your class visit to the library or for a staff member to visit your school:
  • Library Orientation—learn about library resources; apply for a library card; become familiar with the physical space through a fun tour or scavenger hunt
  • Book Talks—engaging presentations of timely and age-appropriate books
  • Presentation which includes storytelling, book readings, and other activities appropriate for your students
Some things we can offer: a free storytelling event; booktalks; attend literacy nights, book fairs and other events bringing children and parents to your school; Poetry Break; summer reading program promotion; Kindergarten registration; parent teacher conferences; library booth at school sponsored events; and more.

We are open to your suggestions and would love to accept your invitation to visit.  Please contact the Youth Services Department at 608-216-7453 or email


  • Let your librarians know about upcoming research projects so they can prepare for your class visit or be prepared for your students when they come after school to work on assignments.
  • Our collection is different from a school library collection. Collections of school media centers are intended to support school curriculum; the public library is primarily designed to serve individuals with a wide range of interests and ages. This means we may not have sufficient materials to serve whole classes and rarely have multiple copies of books.
  • Accept photocopies of articles and pictures rather than requiring an original.
  • Avoid mass assignments where students need the same books at the same time.
  • Call and ask the Youth Services Department at 608-222-6127 if you are not sure that the library will have the resources your students will need to complete an assignment.
  • Send the library a copy of your required reading list and curriculum.