Eco-Action Tuesdays

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Eco-Action Tuesdays is a program series based on the "ripple effect."  

Beginning in our own backyard, we explore sustainability issues through hands-on, entertaining presentations.  Discover how the eco-actions you take at home -- and share with others -- can ripple throughout the community.

Programs monthly from March-October on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm. 
The 2020 Season will resume in March, with events listed below. Check our event calendar for registration links as events get closer, or sign up for the "Eco-Action Tuesdays" newsletter here

March 24, 2020 | Build a Bat House: Save Wisconsin Bats
Bats are a vital part of ecosystems, they consume agricultural pests and pests that bother humans, pollinate plants and disperse seeds. Learn more about the lives of bats from Aldo Leopold Nature Center naturalist Logan Langley. Adults and teens are welcome to attend the presentation and workshop. The Build a Bat House session, following
the presentation, is limited to the first 20 who check the workshop attendance box on the registration page. There will be free refreshments and a door prize! Registration required for all attendees.

April 28, 2020 | Invasive Aquatic Plant Harvesting: Preserving Lake Monona’s Ecosystem
Join Pete Jopke, Water Resources Planner for the Dane County Land and Water Resources Department to learn about management of invasive aquatic plants in Lake Monona. Hear how cutting and harvesting of lake plants helps preserve the health and balance of lake ecosystems, maintain recreational use, reduce flooding and manage lake levels. Adults and teens are welcome. There will be free refreshments and a door prize! Please register for this event.

May 26, 2020 | Defeat the Mosquito Menace with Nontoxic Products and Methods
Mosquitos are a nuisance and health danger. They spread viruses and other illnesses in people and animals. The activity of the more than 60 species in Wisconsin begins when temperatures reach 50 degrees and mosquito season peaks in the hot summer months. Repellants, traps, sprays, bug zappers and foggers are widely available, but are they effective and safe to use? Paul Ganshert, of Ganshert Nursery and Landscapes will discuss products that work, those that don’t and ones dangerous for wildlife, people and pets. Adults and teens welcome. Free refreshments and door prize! Registration is requested.

June 23, 2020 | Electric Transportation Now: Two and Four Wheels!
Join Dan Dacko of Slow Ride Cycles and Dave Benforado of MGE to learn about the latest in electric transportation. Electric bikes are becoming the bicycle of choice for many people as they become more available and affordable. Electric vehicles are rapidly becoming more mainstream every year due to more choices, new advances in batteries which result in greater miles per charge, and increased availability of charging stations. After the presentations take a ride on an electric bike and look at the electric cars on display! Adults and teens welcome. Free refreshments and door prize! Please register.

July 28, 2020 | Green Burials and Green Cemeteries: “Savor a Life and Feed a Tree”
Have you wondered about alternatives to conventional burial and cremation? The Natural Path Sanctuary Director, Shedd Farley, explains the philosophy and practice of ecologically sustainable natural burial. Dig into the details of Nature Preserve Burial Grounds and get your questions answered at this down to earth discussion. Adults and teens welcome. Free refreshments and door prize! Registration is requested.

August 25, 2020 | Creating Art from Single Use Items and Recyclables: Plus the Latest on Recycling
ALL ages welcome to this fun event! Learn about the current state of local recycling from Zero Waste Madison. See if you can correctly separate items to be recycled from those to be thrown away. Then create a work of art from recyclable and single use items with Deborah Proctor! Free refreshments and door prize! Seating is limited so register soon!

September 22, 2020 | Missing Middle Housing: Meeting the Demand for Walkable Urban Living
Design Coalition Executive Director Susan Thering will explain this housing concept. It’s not a new type of building but a mix of building types that existed in pre 1940’s neighborhoods. These sustainable urban areas will provide more housing choices for differing income and generational needs, within walking distance of essential resources such as food, medical care and recreation. A free housing tour at a later date will be offered to attendees by Susan Thering and Amy Stoddard! Adults and teens welcome. Free refreshments and door prize! Registration requested.

October 27, 2020 | Bob Lindmeier: Solving the Climate Crisis
WKOW Chief Meteorologist Bob Lindmeier will discuss local and global climate change. He looks at how climate scientists have determined that we are in a climate crisis. The warming climate has supercharged our atmosphere resulting in more frequent and intense extreme weather events. Bob will then discuss the consequences from climate change that we’re experiencing now, with an emphasis on how the climate has changed locally and the problems that these changes are causing in our lives. He will show projections of how much more the climate will change through the end of the century if we continue to burn fossil fuels at the current rate. The projections will show how urgent it is to transition to renewable energy quickly, otherwise our children and grandchildren will live their adult lives in a much different (and much worse) climate. Finally Bob will look at solutions, including ways to reduce your carbon footprint and the absolute need to put a price on carbon with bills now in Congress. The solutions are there, the question is do we have the will to enact these changes? Adults and teens welcome. There will be free refreshments and a door prize! Please register for this event.


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