The Future of Mass Transit in Monona

The City of Monona currently provides public transportation in the form of a commuter bus service (Monona Express) and an on-demand service for seniors and those with special needs (Monona Lift). The City is considering a proposal to switch from our current services to Madison Metro Transit.  A survey was conducted in 2021 to gain insight into the community's use and perceptions of Monona Transit.  You can view the survey results here

Watch for a Survey in December!

The City will be conducting another survey, likely in December 2022, to solicit community input about the proposal.   The survey will be announced on this site, our social media pages, and on WVMO.  If you're not signed up to receive push alerts from the City, you can register here.  

Click here to view a comparison of the proposed Madison Metro Service and the current Monona Transit services. In addition, the City is and has sponsored several public information meetings. All interested residents are encouraged to attend one of these meetings and provide feedback.  

Proposed Madison Metro Route

The map below shows the proposed route of Madison Metro through the City of Monona.  Monona streets which would see bus traffic are Monona Drive, Winnequah Road, Dean Aveune, Nichols Road, Healy Lane, Owen Road, and Femrite Drive.

The proposed route below comes direct from downtown, entering Monona at Cottage Grove Road and looping clockwise through Monona as seen below.  When it reaches Cottage Grove Road again, the bus heads back downtown.  The route below will run once per hour, daily from 7AM-9PM.  In addition, other routes on Monona Drive and Broadway (the G and L routes) will run every 30-60 minutes.  

Please also note that Madison is looking at alternatives to the design of its Metro system which will remove the use of transfer points.

To view the current Monona Express and Monona Lift routes, click on the links in the menu bar, above left.  

Map of the proposed route of Madison Metro through Monona