Frequently Asked Questions- San Damiano

The City of Monona is treating San Damiano as a public park while it's in the process of developing the master plan. Please follow all park rules and regulations dictated in the City of Monona code Chapter 321 when visiting San Damiano.

Can I reserve the house or property for a private event?

Are dogs allowed on the property?
Yes, all dogs shall be under the direct control of a person at all times by means of a physical leash held by a person at all times. All waste from the canine should be immediately picked up and disposed of.  As a reminder, no canine shall be permitted within 20 feet of any of the following within the park: Frank Allis house and Native American burial mound. 

Where can I park?
No person shall park any motor vehicle in the park except in a designated parking area around the Frank Allis house.

Are there bike racks available?
Yes, there are three bike racks currently placed at San Damiano.

Is there bathroom access?
Yes, there is one porta-potty for public use available on the property.

Are there picnic tables?
There are about 12-16 picnic tables available to use on the property.

When did the City of Monona purchase the property?
The City purchased the property and closed in June 2021 and will go through a full investigative review of property and house and have applications through the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship program and Dane County for grants to reduce the acquisition costs.  

Is the property open to the public?
Parks & Recreation staff are currently maintaining the property as a public park. The property is open to the public to enjoy the wonderful setting during normal park hours (Sunrise-10 pm).

Is the Frank Allis house open to the public?
The house is available to tour during special events, or on walking tour dates (pre-registration required).