Monona Library Board of Trustees


  • Third Tuesday of each month
  • 7 p.m.
  • Monona Public Library Board Room


  • Mary Anderson, President
  • Rose Ebel, Vice President
  • Alder Richard Bernstein, City Council Representative
  • Joseph Swinea, Citizen Member
  • Lorimer Cushman, School Board Representative
  • Margaret Clark, Citizen Member
  • Erinn Monroe-Nye, Citizen Member

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Library Board Mission Statement

The Library Board is a semi-autonomous body of seven persons empowered by state law and city ordinance to act as the governing body of the library. The board's specific list of legal responsibilities include:
  • Determining the goals and objectives of the Library in order to plan and carry out library services
  • Determining and adopting written policies to govern all aspects of the operation of the Library
  • Preparing an annual budget and having exclusive control of all monies appropriated by the City Council or given to the library through gifts, bequests, contracts, grants or awards
  • Employing a competent staff to administer its policies and carry out its programs
The Board is also and arm of city government with members appointed by the City Council and its principal operating funds are approved by the City Council. The board, therefore seeks at all times to work in harmony with city policies in all areas that do not conflict with its statutory powers. The Board consists of seven members, including one City Council representative and one representative from the school district. The Board President is elected each year by the members.