Water Quality & Characteristics

Monona's water is supplied from three wells located throughout the city. Water utility employees take weekly water samples, check all pumps and boosters, flush and repair hydrants, install and repair water meters, repair well houses and repair all water main breaks.

City of Monona Water Characteristics

CharacteristicWell 1Well 2Well 3Average
Alkalinity355354289333 mg/l
Arsenic0000.00 mg/l
Chloride1151135.3878 mg/l
Chromium0000.00 mg/l
Total Hardness473476311420 mg/l (24.5 grains)
Iron000.2350.08 mg/l
Manganese0023.67.9 ug/l
Mercury0000.00 mg/l
Nitrate2.742.4101.72 mg/l
Nitrite0000.00 mg/l
updated 12/20/17

City of Monona Water Quality Report

The City of Monona prepares a detailed Water Quality Report every year.  Read the latest report here.  Read past reports here

Lead and Tap Water

In Monona, the mains that bring water from the wells to your home are constructed of ductile iron. However, lead still can be found in some metal water taps, interior water pipes, or pipes connecting a house to the main water pipe in the street.   Read more about lead and tap water here.

Salt Use Reductions and Chlorides

Salt use, both from water softeners and from de-icing in the winter leads to long term damage to both fresh water and drinking water.  Monona residents and businesses can help prevent chlorides from reaching our water resources by educating themselves and the contractors they hire to perform de-icing tasks as well as water softener adjustments or replacements.  Please visit WI Salt Wise for more information.

Do Your Part to Reduce Sanitary Utility Collection System Costs

There are ways you can help to protect our public collection systems, but the best way is ...

Do Not Flush It

Never flush anything down your toilets except toilet paper and human waste. Even items that are marketed as "flushable" have the potential to clog in the collection systems and cause back-ups. Read more.