Financing Resources

Projects like rooftop solar arrays, green infrastructure projects and energy efficiency upgrades provide energy and cost savings over time, but can be associated with high up-front costs. Luckily, there are a host of funding, financing and incentive programs designed to help homeowners, businesses and developers install sustainability-related projects. Some of the available incentives are compiled below. 

  1. multi-family, Mixed-Use and Commercial Properties
  2. Single-family homes

PACE WisconsinPACE logo

PACE financing is a  program that provides low-cost loans for energy efficiency, renewable energy and water conservation project. A variety of property types are eligible for PACE financing, including commercial, multi-family, non-profit and industrial uses.

Focus on Energy FoE logo

Focus on Energy is a state-level energy efficiency and renewable resource program aimed at promoting the economic benefits of smart energy decisions. Focus on Energy provides a host of incentives for businesses, commercial/industrial customers and new construction projects.

Other Resources

Wisconsin's Public Service Commission Office of Energy Innovation maintains a list of other funding resources for sustainability and energy related projects.