Sign Permits

Sign Permits

Installing new signs and re-facing existing signs require approval of a sign permit. Any sign which requires approval of the Zoning Administrator or Plan Commission shall be required to submit a Sign Permit Application Form with a dimensioned plan drawn to scale indicating where the sign is located relative to surrounding buildings and setbacks. The plan must also include a scale drawing of the proposed sign showing dimensions, material composition, colors and electrical equipment if the sign is to be lighted.  A bullet point list outlining the sign permit procedure is included in the application form.

The Zoning Administrator will review the submitted material, request revisions as needed, and if the proposed sign meets the Sign Code requirements, calculate permit fees and issue the sign permit. Many signs require Plan Commission approval. The Zoning Administrator will notify the applicant and forward application materials to the Plan Commission as needed. Signs in multi-tenant commercial buildings may be subject to signage plans specific to the property. The Sign Code and Sign District Standards will give you detailed information on signage requirements. 

Payment of a fee based on sign area is required before issuance of any sign permit by the Zoning Administrator. The sign fee is One Dollar ($1.00) per square foot, with a minimum fee of Fifty Dollars ($50.00) for all signs. Once the proposal is approved and fees are paid, the applicant may proceed to install the sign(s).

Applicable Application Forms and Standards 

Please contact the Planning Department at 608-222-2525 with further questions regarding the procedure for sign permit applications.