Scarecrow Show

We did it well last year but let's see if we can do it even bigger this year for Monona's very own Drive Thru Lawn Zoo!!
We are inviting all Monona residents to participate in this fun social distancing event! Saturday morning before 10am place a stuffed animal or two in your yard or in your window so it is visible from the road. The Drive Thru Zoo opens at 10am and families are encouraged to ride in their car or walk through their neighborhood and find as many stuffed animals as possible! Be sure to get a family photo and comment with how many stuffed animals you find! Remember, you cannot touch the animals and you must stay off of other peoples property. P.S- Don’t Feed The Animals!

Event Host

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Lauer Realty
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The rules are simple

  1. Be creative.
  2. Think outside the box.
  3. Have FUN
  4. Keep it clean 
  5. Your display must be visible from the street.

Thank you so much for your cooperation to make this a safe and fun community event!