Earth Week

Earth Day 2023 - Electronics Recycling EventEcycle event

April 15th from 8am-12pm

Monona Grove School District Office - Parking Lot

5301 Monona Drive (enter from Nichols Road) 

Join the Sustainability Committee for the third annual Electronics Recycling event! Drive thru and drop off all your old electronics and appliances, which cannot be recycled in your curbside bin. The City has partnered with Resource Solutions to properly recycle everything, so it doesn't end up in the landfill. Reynolds Urethane Recycling will also be on site to provide free styrofoam recycling, another material that cannot be placed in your curbside bin. Reynolds will also accept corrugated cardboard, though this material is okay to place in your curbside recycling bin. .

MOST* items can be recycled for FREE but these FEW items do have FEES:

  • $10 each : Hard drive removal and destruction
  • $15 each : Microwaves and copy machines
  • $20 each : Window AC units , Dehumidifiers, mini fridges, CRT/Flat screen monitors
  • $25 each : Stoves, dishwashers, washers, and dryers
  • $35 each : Refrigerators and large freezers

CRT or Flat screen TVs:

  • $20 each - Under 29 inches
  • $40 each - 30 to 49 inches
  • $60 each - 50-60 inches or any size Wooden/Projection
  • Additional fees may apply for TVs over 60 inches 

Please note, we are unable to take batteries or light bulbs at the event. Please remove all batteries from devices before disposal. These items can be brought to the Resource Solutions facility at 5493 Express Circle, Madison WI 53704
Please direct questions to Resource Solutions at 608-244-5451 or

   At the event, pink/purple/blue insulation board and styrofoam can be accepted only if it is clean, dry, and free from  tape, stickers, labels, tool packets, desiccants, cold packs, or any other contaminants. Food containers must be washed and grease free. Cardboard can be accepted if it is corrugated. Paperboard, such as cereal or food boxes, cannot be accepted.

*  Items that are accepted for free: Computer Towers - Tablets / e-Readers - Power Cords - Cell Phones - Laptops - Audio Equipment Routers - Modems - Desktop Printers - Satellite Boxes & Dishes - Power Supplies - Telephones Game Systems - Christmas Lights - VCR / DVD / Beta Tape Players - iPods - Walkman's Sewing Machines - Scanners - Keyboards & Mice - Toasters - Instapots / Air Fryers Most small electronic devices - though we will not accept battery containing devices during event

Earth Day 2022

In honor of Earth Week 2022, Monona's Sustainability Committee hosted a second Electronics Recycling event on April 23, 2022. The Committee partnered with Resource Solutions and Reynolds Urethane Recycling to collect old electronics, appliances and Styrofoam. The event was a tremendous success, with over 100 recycling champions and over 6 tons of material collected. 

See the breakdown of all materials collected in the Event Report

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