Maywood Park Mountain Bike Trail

Learn more by attending a virtual meeting
Each of the meetings will be held virtually, on the following dates and times:
- Thursday, February 25th 4:15 pm.  Public Input Meeting
- Tuesday, March 9th 6:30 pm. Parks & Recreation Board Meeting
- Monday, March 15 City Council if approved at Parks & Recreation Board
- Monday, April 5 City Council if approved at Parks & Recreation Board
Option 3
News Article - Fifth and sixth graders propose mountain bike trail in Maywood Park, public weighs in. 
Virtual Trail Walk - Join Jack and Miles as they take you through their trail recommendations. 

While Monona is known for its wonderful lake loop, natural surface connections and singletrack trails can be difficult to find. Natural surface trails, singletrack trails, and bike optimized park facilities encourage access for a range of trail users and riders from the occasional enthusiast to the serious athlete. Natural surface trail networks are shown to improve community health, create equitable access, increase youth engagement, and drive positive economic impacts.

Why Trails?

Recent studies show the positive impacts of trails close to home. In general, these studies show that close proximity of trails to one's home and neighborhood provides easier access and greater use, which results in improved physical and mental health. Additionally, in a 2011 study, the American Heart Association found with each $1 of trail construction directly results in $3 of medical cost savings. The process of trail planning, construction, and use is a catalyst for community immersion. Examples include neighbors engaging in public infrastructure improvements, trails connecting residents to nearby gathering spaces and businesses, and trail-based events attracting nearby and community residents. Trail beautification art projects and volunteer trail maintenance days also bring the community together in a positive manner.

The City of Monona Parks & Recreation Department wants community participation and feedback regarding Maywood Park and the addition of a mountain bike trail on the northwest side of the park. 

This survey should take approximately five minutes to complete. Please respond by Thursday, February 25 at Noon. Thank you in advance for your participation!
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Maywood Park is an amazing and unique community asset. It is Monona's 4th largest park. The goal is to add a mountain bike trail to our existing park infrastructure. This will expand outdoor recreation opportunities for residents. With its rolling terrain, natural charm, proximity to lake loop, and waterfront Maywood Park can offer another recreation amenity as a choice for outdoor enthusiasts. 

Your proceeds will help in the construction of the mountain bike trail.