Monona Forestry Fund

171816200_10157959244515812_3070986161862420269_nKeep Monona's tree canopy healthy by donating to the Forestry Fund!

To donate: write and send a check to 

City of Monona

5211 Schluter Rd 

Monona, WI 53716

and write "Forestry Fund" in the memo

Trees clean our air while providing beauty, shade, nutrients, wildlife habitat, storm water management, and increase our property values.  Monona is well known for its established tree canopy and the City maintains more than 5,500 trees in our parks and along our streets.  The Public Works and Parks Departments plant, remove, maintain, and replace these trees .  

The City is asking its residents to help fill this gap between mature trees removed and new trees planted by donating to the newly founded Forestry Fund.  Residents can made a tax-deductible donation to support the City’s tree planting efforts. Community support of the Forestry Fund is an important tool to restoring the health and diversity of Monona's tree canopy. 

Read more about the Forestry Fund and Tree Donation Policy here

Emerald Ash Borer

Many residents of Wisconsin and the Midwest know well the effects the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) has had on our tree population. Monona's trees are no exception. As the number of ash trees needing removal rises, due to Emerald Ash Borer infestations, the City is has a policy of planting 1.5 new trees for each tree removed, in order to improve the quality and resiliency of Monona’s tree canopy. The City also plans to replace the ash trees with a wide variety of native trees and species that are common in Wisconsin’s urban settings. The Forestry Fund was established to support the community to actively participate in increasing the quantity and quality of the City’s urban forest with native species. 

Tree Canopy Inventory

In 2018, the City conducted a full inventory of all the trees located on City property and in public right-of-ways, to better understand the health of the canopy. The study found that 147 of Monona’s 559 Ash trees were either decaying or dead and needed to be removed. Since then, the City has started removing the decaying trees. 

Urban Forestry Grant

In 2020, the City received an Urban Forestry Grant from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to help manage the removal and replacement of EAB infested Ash trees. The grant helps cover the costs of removing trees, but doesn’t fully cover the cost of replacing all the removed trees. 

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