Grand Crossing Park

Grand Crossing Park_

-     This .6 acre park located on the Yahara River and part of the overall "Current" Development will be a destination point for residents and visitors through programs and events throughout the year.  Make sure to stop in at the Below Deck Concession Stand and enjoy some Chocolate Shoppe ice cream and a variety of snacks and drinks. Our Below Deck Concession Stand is open for the season! 

  1. Bags League
  2. Trivia Nights
  3. BINGO Nights
  4. Lawn Games
  5. Scoops & Stories

This registration is per TEAM. Only team captain is needed to sign up. Additional paperwork will be sent over to indicate additional roster players. 


Playing teams will be made up of 2 players from a team’s roster. 4 members are allowed on a roster.


Each team will play 2 matches per night. Each match consists of 3 games. All 3 games need to be completed for each match within the 45 minute timeframe. Whatever the score is at the time minute ending is final score. Teams must complete the score sheet with signature of each manager and return to the recreation representative. 

What Is Bag Toss or Cornhole?

Cornhole (also known as bag toss to some) is a game played in backyards across the Midwest, and often during tailgating at sporting events.

It is similar to horseshoes except you use wooden boxes called cornhole platforms and corn bags instead of horseshoes and metal stakes.

Our leagues are always looking for players to participate in our local leagues. We want everyone to meet new people, have some drinks, and enjoy the sport of cornhole!

Registration includes 4 beer tickets per team per night

Wed6/14-8/095:30 - 8:30 pm$125/teamregister now