What size skates do you have?

We have skate sizes from toddler size 6/7 to men’s size 15. Figure or Hockey skates available.

At what age can my child attend the rink alone?

Children must be 8 year old to attend the rink alone.

Are concessions available for purchase?

Yes, please enjoy the Below Deck Concession Stand for all your snacking needs. 

The weather looks bad (too windy, cold or warm)…is the rink open?
Please check the website for rink status updates before you leave for the rink.

 The rink will be closed if the air temperature is 
-10°F or below and/or if the wind chill factor is -20°F or below, regardless of air temperature.  

Can I bring my own skates?
Yes! Feel free to bring your own skates.

Do you have outdoor seating and heaters?
Yes! We have chairs around the rink as well as warming areas with heaters and fire pits.

Do you have lockers for me to secure my belongings?
We do not have lockers and suggest guests leave belongings and valuables secured in their vehicles.

Do you have skate trainers available for your children?
Yes! We have skate trainers available for young children and new skaters.