Monona Grove High School - AV Club

The Monona Grove High School's A/V Club operates under the direction of Brennon Hechimovich, along with student leaders. As part of Monona Community Media - through a strong partnership between the City of Monona and the Monona Grove School District - The A/V Club gives prospective students a chance to showcase their skills in A/V Productions. Students have opportunities to create their own individual media as well as broadcasts organized with the school's sports and music programs.

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- Current Student Leaders - 

20230720193827__MG_2870 - Savanna Sramek (1)

Bree Loushine - President


Savanna Sramek - Vice President


- Class of 2024 -

058B880E-07E4-4147-BC12-3FA6DD1319DF_1_105_c - Cooper Kleibor

Cooper Kleibor - Photographer/Crew


Parker Hagen - Sports Anchor


2023 0922 O AV Club (8)

Olyvia Lang - Crew



- Class of 2023 -

Connor Davis

Tyler Brose - Former President

Class of 2023

Connor Davis - Former Vice President
Class of 2023

unnamed (1)

Eli Kalinoski - Former Leader

Class of 2023

Ben Breitbach

Class of 2023

unnamed (2)
unnamed (3)

Xavier Wollermann - Former Sports Anchor
Class of 2023

Miles Nelson -  Former Sports Anchor
Class of 2023

- Class of 2022 -


Jackson Crossen

Class of 2022

Brillan Gugel

Class of 2022

- Class of 2021 -

Teagan Picture

Teagan Tolley - Former Leader

Class of 2021

Teagan is a leader of the club. She joined because Anita said it would be cool and she wasn't wrong.

She likes everything about AV but especially likes how the club has given her a sense of belonging and shaped who she is as a person today.

Her favorite event is football even if she has no idea what is going on most of the time.
Kylie Picture

Kylie Hollenstein - Former Leader

Class of 2021

Kylie is a leader of the club. She joined AV because she wanted to be an anchor and then fell into doing other activities as well. 

She has really come to admire the strong sense of community in this club.

Her favorite event is basketball because of the memories.

Fun Fact - Kylie used to be afraid of Teagan in middle school.

-Class of 2020-

Ethan Broughton-resized
David Guenthner

David Guenthner - Former Leader 

Class of 2020

Ethan Broughton-Wohlers - Former Leader

Class of 2020


Corey Holl - Former Leader

Class of 2020

-Class of 2019-

Anita Anongdeth

Anita Anongdeth
Class of 2019

Anita wanted to be an anchor and joined, but couldn't anchor during her freshman year so she tried other activities and loved it. Her favorite part about MGAV is the community and family its built.

She loves feeling like special press and so her favorite event to film is football... Even if she doesn't understand sports.

Fun Fact - She loves playing the violin and is very spontaneous!
Benjamin Cooper

Benjamin Cooper
Class of 2019

Ben joined MGAV because it wasn't intimidating - there were only a few members at the time. 

He loves the kinship in the club, he loves the open door policy and loves the respect that goes around the club.

Silver Stage is Ben's favorite event to film... 18 hours of teamwork and bonding including awesome breaks and a lot of fun.

Fun Fact - His parents raised foster kids, all are Ben's sisters and brothers, however, he only knows 3 out of the almost 20!
Leo Curatola

Leo Curatola
Class of 2019

A friend asked Leo to join, so he did! He loves that everyone is friendly and (somehow) work together.

Football is his favorite to film because it forces everyone to work as a team.

Fun Fact - He's colorblind!
Nathaniel Israel

Nathaniel Israel
Class of 2019

Nathaniel's favorite part about the club was being able to meet new friends and got to film events with them.

The club helped him be more involved with after school activities and let him help others in his free time.

He's going to be attending UW-Madison for chemical engineering.
- Zoe Keck 2

Zoe Keck
Class of 2019

Zoe's favorite part about MGAV was how everyone was so welcoming and willing to teach, it was also a great opportunity to learn unique ideas and techniques.

The club affected her life by helping her make a lot of good friends she wouldn't have known otherwise.

Now, she's going into Graphic Design and attending University of Minnesota Twin Cities.
Andrew7 - Andrew Klinke

Andrew Klinke
Class of 2019

Andrew thought the club would be fun and now enjoys it for the creative freedom. He thinks that MGAV is unique because anyone in the club can create something new, with a lot of support.

He loves filming football because it always feels like he's on a film crew and loves the environment.

Fun Fact - He organized a collaboration between the Model UN club and the A/V club to film the MADMUN Conference!
Matthew Klinzing

Matthew Klinzing
Class of 2019

Matthew joined the club after searching for a club to join his freshman year and became very interested.

He likes how fun and welcoming the club is. His favorite event to film is musical because he thinks that it is the most prominent event the club films.

Fun Fact - He can snap his fingers very loudly, and also is able to snap multiple at once!
- Isaac Neitzel 2

Isaac Neitzel
Class of 2019

Isaac enjoyed hanging out with his friends and "COMMANDING RESPECT AMONGST THE SHEEP."

The club influenced his life through shaping his high school experience, for the better!

He's now going to be attending Drake University with a Major in Psychology.

22F59D80-479E-4165-902E-2B67188AC1A8 - Brendan Thompson

Brendan Thompson
Class of 2019

Brendan loved how fun of a space the club was, especially the end of the year cookout.

The club affected him because it allowed him to meet a lot of new people that he didn't know could be so cool!

He's now a "collector of debt" and looks forward to pharmacy school.

-Class of 2017-

Kevin Guenthner - Kevin Guenthner

Kevin Guenthner   -   Former Leader
Class of 2017

Kevin enjoyed filming musical the most out of the club's activities and events.

The club affected his life by confirming his love for media production as well as starting his career as an electrical engineer.

Kevin is now attending UW-Madison for electrical engineering and is with the Badgerloop team. He also works at ETC.

-Class of 2008-

Chris Proost

Christopher Proost
Class of 2008

Christopher loved the camaraderie that went around and the friends he's made.

The club helped him out by teaching him a lot and would have made a major impact on his career if he had not chosen a different path.

He's now a graphic designer with a very expansive skill set.
Matthew Bittorf

Matthew Bittorf   -   Former Leader
Class of 2008

Matthew's favorite part of the club was that it gave him real life skills in a way most high school didn't.

The club affected his life by giving him a technical skill base that he's expanded upon throughout his career.

He's now an A/V Technician at the Monona Terrace.