Monona Resident Energy Survey

The City of Monona and the Monona Sustainability Committee distributed the Resident Energy Survey to measure the interest of community members in energy use, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. The results will be used to develop energy plans, projects, and programs in the future.

We would like to thank our sponsors, Tully’s II Food & Spirits, Waypoint Public House, and Buck & Honey’s Monona.

Survey Analysis & Results

  • When asked on the priority of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and the City’s role in pursuing the two, respondents were overwhelmingly supported these initiatives. Over 50% responded that they considered each of these issues a high priority.
  • More residents reported having invested in energy efficiency projects compared to renewable energy projects.
  • Many respondents were concerned about the cost of energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades to their homes; 53% reported this for energy efficiency, and 65% for renewable energy. Uncertainty over future cost savings were also an issue, and to a lesser extent, questions about having enough information on particular upgrades or projects.
  • The majority of those interested in pursuing a renewable energy project, the vast majority of residents responded that they would prefer rooftop solar (93%) or purchasing green power for their home (38%). Less were interested in options or projects located in a place other than their home, such as shared solar, or community advocacy.

Survey results may be found here. If you have any questions or comments on the results, please email Brad Bruun at