Waste Diversion at Monona Riverfront Redevelopment


From December 2017 - May 2018, the demolition and site clearance of the Monona Riverfront Redevelopment project has unfolded. Oftentimes, these beginning stages result in a massive amount of waste; as the site is prepared for new construction, old materials must be removed. Monona decided that it wanted to limit this waste as much as possible, and either reuse or donate the majority of materials that would normally be thrown away. With the help of Waste Cap Resource Solutions and Strand Associates, the project has successfully diverted 87.9% of all the non-hazardous deconstructed materials from ending up in the Madison Prairie Landfill.


  • Material saved:
    • 13,000 tons of waste
  • Lifetime extension of landfill:
    • 2 months
  • Equivalent CO2 emissions saved:
    • 1 year of emissions from 642 cars
    • Conserving 343,313 gallons of gasoline
  • Equivalent energy saved:
    • 1 year of energy consumed by 414 households
    • Conserving 7,853 barrels of oil
    • Conserving 367,284 gallons of gasoline
  • Savings from disposal cost:
    • $1.3 million