Leaf-Free Streets & Adopt a Storm Drain Program

Leaf-Free Streets

Autumn leaves are the #1 source of phosphorus in Lake Monona. 

One pound of dissolved phosphorus is enough to feed 500 pounds of algae!

What can you do to help?

Perform some of these simple actions:

  1. Mulch leaves in to your lawn - run leaves over with your mower and add nutrients back to your lawn!
  2. Compost your leaves - add leaves to your garden and flower beds to provide weed cover and nutrients!
  3. Take leaves to the City yard waste drop-off site - it's free and easy! Just haul your leaves to the Public Works Garage, located on Edna Taylor Parkway, between Femrite Drive and East Broadway, next to the Dog Park.
  4. Leave a buffer between the curb - Monona's leaf trucks can reach nearly 10 ft. in to your yard! If you pile your leaves for collection, leave a buffer between the curb so your leaves don't blow in to the street
  5. Don't put anything other than leaves in piles! - when things like sticks, pumpkins, trash, and other debris that is not leaves makes it into piles for pickup they bind the trucks up, break parts, and put the trucks back into the shop, instead of on the streets.
  6. Adopt a Storm Drain or Street Gutter - volunteer to keep the curb and storm drain in front of your property leaf-free. See below for more info!

Monona's Adopt a Storm Drain Program

                  Stormwater Mgt Yard Sign

You can help reduce pollution in Lake Monona by volunteering to Adopt a Storm Drain!

What's entailed?

This flier explains adoption responsibilities. 

How do I sign up?

  1. Look at this map to see all storm drains in Monona.  Those in green have already been adopted, those in red are still looking for a caring individual!
  2. Zoom in on any red dot to find the drain you’d like to adopt, then click to see its ID#.
  3. Call or email this ID number and a brief description of the drain to Brad Bruun. You can also call the main number at City Hall, 608-222-2525
  4. You’ll be added to the prestigious and growing list of other storm drain adopters in Monona, and you may receive periodic communications.   
  5. Optional - Pick up an Adopt a Storm Drain yard sign from City Hall and display it proudly all year round to inspire others to do the same! 

For more information, see related documents in the right-hand toolbar! 

No seriously, take a look at the items in the right toolbar.  Over here ----->

Additional Information

Please do not dump anything down into the storm drains. Anything going into the storm drains eventually winds up in our local ponds and streams. Dispose of oil, antifreeze and other liquid wastes with licensed recyclers. This illegal dumping is called an illicit discharge and can cause as much if not more damage to clean waters than phosphorus or nitrogen ever could!

 If everyone does a little, we can all enjoy a cleaner, healthier community each year!

Monona's Leaf-Free Streets and Adopt a Storm Drain program is part of the City’s ongoing Public Education and Outreach efforts and is required by the City's National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (NPDES MS4) permit requirements.


Leaf-Free Streets

Adopt a Storm Drain


To adopt a storm drain, contact Brad Bruun, Dept. of Public Works, at: