Carbon, Waste, and Pollution Reduction

This page and its resources are devoted to decreasing overall waste from local business and reducing carbon footprints. Some questions to consider are:

  • What strategies do you currently employ to decrease the amount of solid waste generated from your business or otherwise diverted from landfills?
  • Does your business recycle waste either in-house or by directing it to a local facility?
  • What lifestyle practices can reduce the waste output from employees?
  • Have you minimized the amount of chemicals and synthetic compounds your business uses and produces in building materials, operations, products, and services?
  • Does your business purchase, use, or sell post-consumer made products?


Project Ideas

  • Click here for a resource on how to implement a sustainable purchasing policy
  • Conducting a trash audit is a great way to figure out which items can be reused, redirected, or eliminated as waste, click here or here for more information
  • Go paperless! Click here or here to learn more
  • Be sure to place recycling bins throughout your establishment next to trash cans to ensure customers and employees see that they have an option to recycle
  • Consider carbon offsets for transportation and distribution expenses
  • Be conscientious of how much grease your business puts down drains and into the water system
  • SunPeak- A commercial solar partner who offers financing for solar installation and use