Projects, Plans, and Reports

Learn About Ongoing Projects:

Monona Resident Energy Survey
 The Sustainability Committee is looking to community members for feedback! The Resident Energy Survey asks Monona citizens about their current investment or interest in renewable or energy efficient home technologies. Take the survey by clicking the link above!

Waste Diversion at Monona Riverfront Redevelopment
 Ever wonder if construction projects are concerned with reducing and reusing materials? Well in Monona, we are! This project was able to divert 87.9% of all non-hazardous materials from reaching a landfill.

Leaf Management & Adopt a Storm Drain Project
 Degrading leaves, left unattended during the fall season, produce phosphorous that contaminates our lakes. Preventing leaves from entering our storm drains keeps our water cleaner and healthier.

City Implementing Sustainable Purchasing Policy
 The City of Monona is partnering with WECC to implement a sustainable purchasing policy throughout the municipality. By voting with our dollars, the City hopes to promote environmentally friendly products, companies, and local businesses.

MSBI Toolkit
 Businesses can now access our Sustainable Business Imitative Toolkit! The kit holds a multitude of approaches and resources to implementing sustainability projects into any business organization.

Curb Cut Raingardens
 Raingardens are a beautiful way to mitigate water runoff and eliminate excess phosphorous from leaching int our lakes and streams.

Monona Solar
 As part of our commitment to reusable energy sources, the City of Monona has installed multiple solar panels across the city to provide energy for municipal facilities.

UniverCity Active Transportation Project
 Ride, walk; however you choose to get around, try it without a motor other than yourself! Save money, get healthy, and enjoy the outdoors here in Monona.