Monona Mural

Water, Land, and Sky

Monona's mural, titled "Water, Land, and Sky," was installed on Monona's Well #3 building at 6500 Raywood Road and West Broadway, across from South Towne Mall, in the summer of 2017.

The mural was a collaboration between the City of Monona and Dane Arts Mural Art.  Created by local artist Rhea Ewing, the mural was painted with the help of community members from all over Monona, including MG21 (the Monona Grove School District's charter school), Monona Senior Center, Winnequah Elementary School, and members of the Ho Chunk Nation.

The theme of the mural was chosen through a city-wide poll. The design by local artist Rhea Ewing in conjunction with members of the Ho-Chunk Nation features animals and habitats found abundantly in Monona. Elements were chosen with guidance from members of the Whitehorse family, who have called the Monona area home for countless generations. Pictured in the mural is Ho-Chunk elder and well-known artist Harry Whitehorse. See Rhea Ewing's statement to learn more about the rich symbolism in the mural.