Private Wells

In Spring of 2015, under an order from the State of Wisconsin, the City of Monona moved forward with a private well permitting program.  The intent of the program is to protect the City's drinking water supply from contaminants, primarily from bacteria.  

As of February 2015, there were 65 private wells identified in the City of Monona.  Even though the City provides municipal water, the presence of unused, private wells creates a threat to the City's drinking water supply.  Stagnant water in unused wells can be a breeding ground for bacteria.  Flooding in the spring can make wells vulnerable to contamination from sewer back ups in basements or localized flooding in yards.  For more information on private wells, go to

The City of Monona obtains its drinking water from one of three wells that pump water from the ground.  The water is treated and then distributed.  Any contaminants in the groundwater supply can threaten the City's drinking water supply.  The City monitors its water supply every day and would quickly become aware of any issues with its water.