Energy Campaign

Monona is on the move to clean energy! 

In the Spring of 2019, Monona's City Council passed a 100% Clean Energy and Resiliency Resolution. This resolution lays out the City's goal to meet municipal and community energy needs with renewable sources in 204 and 2050 respectivelyClean Energy Campaign Insert JPEG Opens in new window

To promote energy efficiency and renewable energy within the community, the Sustainability Committee started and energy campaign to educate residents about sustainable options for their homes. Some clean energy related programs that are available to residents include:

Reducing energy use or moving towards clean energy includes more than just installing solar panels on your home. For more energy-saving tips, see the Community Energy page.

Sustainability Champions - Story Map

While the City works to reduce its own energy consumption, there are many Monona residents who have installed sustainability projects in their own homes. To celebrate the success of Monona's residents and to educate people about the many different kinds of sustainability projects out there, the Sustainability Committee is creating Sustainability Champions map. 

The Sustainability Committee is working with MG21 students and Monona's Community Media department to interview residents about the sustainable features of their home and share their stories. Check out the Sustainability Champions page to see what sustainable projects Monona residents have taken on in their homes.