Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Information

When should I register?
We encourage you to register as early as possible, as most classes and sessions fill up quickly. Please see our website for a list of current registration dates.

May I transfer my child from one class to another?
Yes, as long as there is adequate student-to-teacher ratio in the class.

How do I know how many sessions to sign up for before my child will move to the next level?
Monona Parks and Recreation recommends that most children need at least two sessions of a particular level before they’re ready for promotion to the next level (especially levels 1 and 2). If you are registering for multiple sessions, we recommend registering for two sessions of the same level.

May I request a certain teacher for my child?
Some of our students and many of our parents have become fond of particular teachers. We love our teachers and will continue to make decisions regarding where teachers are placed based on our effort to provide the best swimming experience possible for everyone. We are well aware that different students respond to different teaching personalities, and we always try to respond to these requests. We will never guarantee a teacher, though, and we will always reserve the right to change teachers if other considerations require it.


If my child is no longer able to attend a session, may I get a refund?
Refunds will only be given if a cancellation is made two weeks prior to the start of a session.

What if my class is cancelled before the start date?
Monona Parks and Recreation may cancel classes due to low enrollment. If we have to cancel a class, we will notify any registrants and offer the option of registering for another class or receiving a full refund.

What if a class is cancelled due to weather?
There are no make-up classes due to inclement weather and no refund/credit for up to two classes canceled in one session. There will be a $10 credit on your account if three (3) or more classes in one session are canceled by Monona Parks and Recreation.

Bad Weather

Will classes be held in bad weather?
In the case of inclement weather, please use your best judgment in deciding whether or not to come to swim class! Monona Parks and Recreation will cancel lessons in some cases of inclement weather. This may include the national heat index guideline, thunder and lightning strikes in the area, forecasted weather, etc. Morning and evening lessons may be cancelled up to ½ hour before the start time. Cancellation notifications will be placed on the city website and our Facebook page. We will also send an email or text message to participants.

We appreciate your understanding that sometimes weather situations can occur as you are travelling to or during swim classes, but we do our best to update the message as soon as a weather cancellation is made.

If you are unsure as to whether or not swim classes are being held, please call us at 222-4167 or 222-3098.

What is the make-up policy?
Due to the tight scheduling of swim lessons during our short Wisconsin summer, no make-up classes will be offered due to inclement weather.

What to Expect at Lessons

What does my child need to bring?
Children should bring a bathing suit and towel; Goggles are optional.

Where do I enter the pool for swim lessons?
The main entrance is closed during swim lessons. Please enter the pool through the side gate, near the Senior Center.

Where may children shower and change?
There are showers and changing rooms available at the pool. Please note that children over the age of five are not allowed in the opposite gender locker room.

What can my child expect the first day of swim lessons?
Please arrive a few minutes early on the first day of a new session. The head life guard will welcome everyone to swim lessons and will announce the instructor for each class.

Are parents allowed to be on the pool deck during lessons?
Yes, we encourage parents to watch their children swim! All parents and siblings can watch lessons from the pool deck.

What happens if my child doesn’t want to participate? 
If your child is nervous or crying, please take a moment to chat with the instructor and then let him/her work with your child. Some children may suffer from separation anxiety, and this will go away as soon as the child gets to know and trust the instructor. A fear of new places may also cause a few tears, and this will also go away with time.

Being afraid of the water is not uncommon in younger beginners, but the instructor will compassionately help your child adjust to the water through games and basic skills such as blowing bubbles, songs, and games. With time, your child will be happy and successful in the water. Please be patient and allow the instructors and staff to work their magic with your child.

What if my child is not potty-trained? 
All children not potty-trained need to wear a swim diaper.

Sometimes it seems like the instructor is playing a lot of silly games in the class. Why is this? 
Children learn through play. Games and songs are used to reinforce skills taught to the children.

Water Skills to Practice

My child will not put his face in the water. What can I do? 
It is important to encourage children to put their faces in the water as soon as possible. By allowing children to put off this skill, it makes a bigger deal out of it than it really should be. Working on humming, making a silly frog face or picking up "treasures" from the steps are all strategies that may be helpful. Buying a disposable underwater camera that you will use to take the child’s picture if they go underwater may also work to entice a reluctant child to put their face in the water.

My child is having difficulty floating on his back. 
Many children initially have difficulty with this skill due to lower body fat or an inability to relax in the water. Practice this skill with your child by placing the child’s head on your shoulder while in the water, and allowing the rest of his body to be supported by the water. Placing sunglasses on the child may make the child more comfortable, thereby increasing their ability to relax. Some children will float better if they bend their knees slightly, or place the arms overhead with the fingertips out of the water.

What can I do to make my child more comfortable at swim lessons? 
Let the instructor do most of the teaching. Children learn from repetition and fun. At home, bath time is a good time to play with skills and have fun in the water. Practice floating or blowing bubbles and kicking your legs in the tub or when you’re at the pool with your child.

General Information 

Do you have a Lost and Found? 
Yes, we do! All items found throughout the day, or in the locker room at the end of the night, will be put in our Lost and Found at the pool’s front desk.