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Community Events Calendar Submission

  1. Community Events Calendar Submission Form

    Submit an event for the City of Monona's online community events calendar.

Community Message Board

  1. Submit an Event for Posting on the Electronic Community Message Board

    The City of Monona's electronic community message board is located at the corner of Bridge Road and Broadway (in front of Monona State... More…


  1. Contact the Director
  2. Monona Public Library Staff Contact Form
  1. Library Card Application

    Please fill out this form with the information for the new patron registering for a library card. For children ages 0-13, a legal... More…

  2. Purchase Request

    We value and welcome purchase recommendations from the public. If there is an item you would like to suggest, please fill out and... More…

Parks & Recreation

  1. Parks & Recreation Contact Form

    Please allow 2 business days for a response from the department.

  1. Playground Inspection


  1. Anonymous Crime Tip
  2. Monona Police Department Emergency Contact Information Form

    This form is used by the Monona Police Department to contact an owner/key holder in the event of an emergency or incident during... More…

  3. Vacation Watch / Security Checks
  1. Limited Vehicle/Driver Record Information Request Form

    Required for Disclosure of Personal Information or Highly Restricted Personal Information The Federal Driver’s Privacy Protection... More…

  2. Self Report

Public Works ROW Permit Application

  1. Application to Perform Work in a City of Monona Right-of-Way

    Submit this application for a permit to perform excavation, maintenance, or repair work in a City of Monona right-of-way.


  1. MSBI Self-Assessment

    Monona is committed to becoming a more sustainable community; a community that meets the needs of the present without compromising the... More…