Floodplain and Shoreland- Wetland Zoning

The Floodplain and Shoreland-Wetland Zoning Ordinance is used to control development and use of the shoreland-wetland areas, floodplains, and rivers or streams of the City of Monona in order to protect the public health, safety, convenience, general welfare and tax base.

Floodplain Zoning

The floodplain is the land which has been or may be inundated by flood water during the regional flood. The Ordinance regulates all areas that would be covered by the regional flood or base flood (also known as the "100-year flood") as shown on a map called the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). For more information on floodplain mapping and what you need to do if your property is located within a floodplain, please visit the FEMA Flood Map Service Center or contact the City of Monona at 608-222-2525 for assistance.

Regional floodplain areas are divided into four districts as follows:

  • The Floodway District (FW)
  • The Floodfringe District (FF)
  • The General Floodplain District (GFP)
  • The Flood Storage District (FSD)

Floodplain maps are available via the FEMA Online Map Store.
Floodplain and wetland maps can also be viewed on DNR Surface Water Data Viewer.
Hard copies of the floodplain maps can also be viewed at the City of Monona Zoning Office.

The Zoning Administrator, Plan Commission, and Zoning Board of Appeals administer regulations in these areas.  Landowners or developers who wish to develop in these areas should contact the City staff to discuss applicable regulations and required permits. City staff will use the Floodplain Development Permit Application to review/assess proposals.


Shoreland-Wetland Zoning

The Shoreland-Wetland Zoning district includes all wetlands in the City of Monona which are five acres or more and are shown on the final Wetland Inventory Map
and are:

  • Within 1,000 feet of the ordinary high water mark of navigable lakes, ponds, or flowages.
  • Within 300 feet of the ordinary high water mark of navigable rivers or streams or to the landward side of the floodplain whichever distance is greater.

Development in Shoreland-Wetland Zoning districts is regulated by Sec.13-2-7 of the Floodplain and Shoreland-Wetland Zoning Ordinance.