Snow & Ice Removal

The City of Monona maintains snow removal services on 68 lane miles of city streets, and the Dane County Highway Department maintains 8 lane miles of county roads through the city, including Monona Drive (County Hwy. BB) and Broadway (County Hwy. BW). The Public Works Director, Streets Foreman, and Monona Police are responsible for monitoring the weather during the winter snow plowing season.
Snow Removal Guidelines
Unless otherwise requested by the City Administrator or the Monona Police Chief, snow removal guidelines are as follows:
  • Pre-Spray: As dictated by current weather forecasts, hills, bridges, curves and streets will be treated with a salt spray prior to the forecasted snow event.
  • 2-inch Accumulation: When city streets have about 2 inches of snow cover, the foreman determines if the hills, bridges, curves, and streets need treatment, and coordinates as needed.
  • 2–3 inch Accumulation: For snow events reaching 2–3 inches of accumulation that end during the workday, snow removal operations occur immediately. When snow events end during the evening and overnight, snow removal operations begin the following morning around 4:00 a.m. (Sunday evening through Friday afternoon). Weekend snow removal operations (Friday evening to Sunday afternoon) occur as needed.
  • Greater than 3-inch Accumulation: If more than 3 inches of snow are expected, full snow removal procedures will not be in effect until the snow has stopped falling. During the snow event, the foreman monitors streets and coordinates removal efforts as needed.
  • Accumulation of 6-inches or More: Crews will monitor emergency vehicle traffic routes, hills and high traffic local roads during the snow event.  Snow removal during the storm will take place as needed or requested by emergency personnel.  Full snow removal operations will not begin until the snow event has ended. 
The city uses a salt brine solution, salt, and sand/salt mix for maintaining city streets. As a rule, rock salt will not be applied on the main runs of the street to remove snow from the streets; snow removal will be completed through plowing. Pre-spray of salt brine solution will occur on hills, bridges, curves and streets based on the forecasted snow event. Salt or sand/salt will be applied to main runs of the streets as needed or as dictated by street conditions.

Applying salt to roads with blowing snow and cold temperatures will cause drifting snow to stick to the pavement. Crews will avoid applying salt in these situations so the dry snow will continue to blow off the cold road surface. When road temperatures are above 15 F, salt can be used for ice covered roads. When temperatures fall below 15 F, a sand/salt mixture will be used, as salt loses its effectiveness for melting ice at approximately 15 F. Application rates will vary depending on condition.